New pic 9/20/08

Another New Kids with it!

This past week was my mini New Kids Summer Tour.  I had the best time ever, and I'm sad that it's over.  I have  a gagillion pictures but I'll spare y'all and only post a few.

First off - Chicago, June 26, 2009:

Seats weren't great.  We were in the middle of the second tier.  We were so far back that I had trouble keeping the Knight brothers apart...which is totally lame when you're a lifelong Jongirl!!!  The show was absolutely amazing,  I was lucky to experience the New Kids tribute to Michael Jackson.  It was beautiful.  Absolutely the best part of the show.  Here's my favorite pic from that performance:

Next up - St. Louis, MO - July 1, 2009:

We got to STL on Tuesday evening and decided to do some stalking...errr sightseeing.  Didn't have much luck so we went to Dave and Busters for drinks and games.   Good times!  We got back to the hotel at about midnight and changed into our jammies.  My friend Pam got a text from someone letting us know that Jon & Jordan were at Lumiere Place Casino playing poker in the high stakes room.  We threw clothes on, piled in the car and headed to downtown STL.  We played the penny slots while not so discreetly watching Jon and Jordan play poker.  Jon ignored the crowd for the most part, but Jordan we loving the attention.  He kept waving to us & blowing kisses.  When he was finished, Jordan came out and started giving girls high fives, then he dogpiled a group of girls with hugs.  I walked over and got a Jordan hug!  He was a little bit tipsy so he was very outgoing!  Stupid me couldn't think of anything to say except, "Thank you, Jordan."  God, those boys are cute.  I don't have any photographic proof because the casino security wouldn't let anyone take pictures.

On Wednesday, we headed back to Lumiere Place & watched Jon & Jordan get on their bus to head to the venue.  Aren't they gorgeous???

The STL show was awesome.  Donnie was having a great time with the crowd.  People kept throwing their signs on the stage and he would hold them up and talk about them.  One sign said, "These are the best of times."  He got all philosophical on us and talked about how special it is that the group & the fans are having the times of our lives even though things outside of New Kidsland are crazy (ie:  economy, war, etc).  Jordan did a Michael Jackson inspired dance that included this strange bunny hop across the stage.  Then Jon got up & started making fun of him by hopping across the stage himself.  It was super cute.  Oh, and Elijah came on stage during the curtain call & bowed with the guys.  So cute!

During the show, Donnie announced that he would be making a Waffle House appearance after the show.  We just had to figure out which Waffle House to go to.  We finished eating at WH #2 when the manager came out of the back room & told us (there were about 20 fans in that WH) that Donnie was at a different location.  We sped down the highway & got to the correct WH as everyone was singing and dancing to Full Service & Dirty Dancing.  It was an amazing time!   Donnie sat down to eat, so we waited outside to get pictures with him.  This is my friend Kristi and I with Donnie.  It's the worst picture ever taken of me (I'm not very photogenic at 3:00 am) but here it is.  Someone took another pic of us and it's much better but I haven't gotten it yet...I'll post it when I get it from her:

Finally, Wichita, KS - July 3, 2009

No face time, but the show was amazing.  Absolutely the best concert I have ever attended.  Wow wow wow!!!  The venue was tiny so it was a much more initmate setting.  Before the show began, we saw Barrett walking around with Griffin.  That little Griffin is so damn cute!  He was wearing these cute little protective ear muffs that said New Kids on the Block on each side.   I got kind of pissed b/c a bunch of people were taking pictures of them.  So not cool.

Okay, back to the show...we had 7th row so our view was amazing!!!  Since it was such a small venue, the guys were on fire.  They were smiling & joking with each other and the crowd.  Donnie initiated a chant of "Jon Knight is a freakin pimp, y'all."  It was awesome, you should YouTube the video.  So funny! 

As I said before, I didn't get any face time but Danny & Jon noticed me in the audience.  During the song Tonight, I held up a sign that said "La la la la la la Jon Knight."  Danny looked at it & then looked at me and started laughing.  He smacked Jon & pointed at me and they both totally cracked up.  Yay!!!   Mission accomplished!  My friend said that she saw Joe reading my sign, too but I didn't see it so it doesn't count!

Here's a couple pics of the Wichita show:

***I had to include a pic with EDub since he sang "Step 5" in Wichita!!!!

Sorry for such a long post but I wanted to document everything before I forget!!!!  There is so much more I want to say but I'm tired and I'm sure y'all are sick of reading.  G'night all!

New pic 9/20/08


I went to the eye doctor today.  Since I now have vision insurance, I went to a new optometrist.  She dilated my eyes.  I've never had that done before & I didn't like it very much.  Driving home freaked me out a little bit.  I couldn't see the speedometer.  The sun really bothered me all day, but I'm finally feeling normal again.

Good news though!  She DECREASED the prescription in one of my eyes.  I've never had that happen before.  I'm still blind as a bat, but it's improving.  She also gave me samples of some new contacts (still Acuvue but a newer version) & I like them a lot.  She thinks that if I wear them for a year, my vision will improve some more.  Very exciting news!!!! 

Look ma!  Two posts in one day!

***Edited to fix some stupid spelling errors***
New pic 9/20/08

What up?

I've been MIA lately.  I don't know why!  I'm on summer break now & enjoying my free time.  Nothing real exciting in my life right now.  Things are good.
Face time


I went to another New Kids show in Nashville over Spring break.  My seats weren't as good as the KC show, but it was still amazing!!!

Oh man, those guys just keep getting better!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the changes they made to the show!  Can't wait for the summer tour!!

I'm actually thinking about saving up for 5* tickets...

New pic 9/20/08


I'm heading back to school today.  I can make it 4 days this week right??

And then it's spring break!!!!!!  Sunday, I'm heading to Nashville with a couple of girlfriends for a concert.  Can't.  Wait.  It's gonna be so much fun!!!!  Hopefully, I'll be feeling 100% by then!
New pic 9/20/08

I must be feeling better

I'm on the verge of being bored.  That's always a good sign of recovery.  I still have a sinus headache but I actually feel like I have some energy.  I think I'm going to take some more sinus meds and go take a nap.